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Voice calls

Can my calls be automatically diverted?
Yes, provided call diversion has been configured beforehand. You will need to activate and select the call diversion option in your handset to the desired fixed line, mobile or voice mailbox number. You have the choice of diverting:

  • All incoming calls
  • Incoming calls received when your connection is busy
  • Incoming calls received when your mobile phone is not reachable or is switched off
  • Incoming calls that are not answered

How are diverted/forwarded calls charged?
You will be billed for all outgoing airtime charges on all diverted calls, both to fixed line and GSM numbers. When roaming outside of Jersey or Guernsey, calls diverted will be charged at the network provider's call tariffs.

What are the alternatives to making/receiving calls whilst driving?
To avoid making / receiving calls whilst driving, Airtel-Vodafone customers can use any of the following services: voicemail, missed call alert or call divert

My mobile phone shows full strength but I can’t make a call. Why?

  • Congestion may cause this problem. This means that all the radio channels in the area are currently being used. Wait a few moments and try again.
  • There may be temporary issue with the handset. Restart you handset and see if it resolves the issue.
  • Most handsets support dual mode (GSM/3G) and there may be a temporary issue in one of the networks. Ttry changing your Handset to GSM mode (by going to settings-->Phone--->Networks) and see if it resolves the issue.
    If already in GSM only mode put the handset back to dual mode or 3G only mode and see if resolves  the issue.
  • If none of these steps resolves the issue please call customer service from another Handset or visit the Airtel-Vodafone store.

My Signal Strength keeps on fluctuating / or number of signal bars keeps on changing.

  • In a building where granite has been used, the mobile signal strength and quality will be affected.
  • You are picking up a weaker signal that is bouncing off something else. The signal will bounce off many objects and can cause problems, like for example, the fading of the car radio signal. Try changing your phone to GSM-only mode as GSM signal is always stronger then 3G signal.